SSD Solution

SSD CHEMICAL is a solution based Surfactant specifically used to clean and totally remove coated dyes or stamps from black/green or white DOLLARS, POUNDS, EUROS, ETC that were defaced or stamped

to avoid unnecessary custom clearance problems and criminal or gang interception during delivery of the defaced currencies or BLACK MONEY to intended destinations thus possessing many advantages over other available chemicals to clean black money. SSD CHEMICAL solution works perfectly with the combination of activation or mercury powder though, there are other better varieties like SSD CHEMICAL AUTOMATIC.HENCE, We are certified and known professionals in black money cleaning, BLACK DOLLARS/EUROS/POUNDS and black notes of any currencies with SSD CHEMICAL. All our chemicals are sold with a detailed user manual guide and DVD plate for appropriate instruction on how to clean the black dollar discreetly without a technician’s assistance.

Qualified technicians

Besides, we do work on a percentage basis for customers who require our expatriate services by sending our qualified technicians to all parts of the world with the latest automatic soundproof laser Black dollar Cleaning Machine. Our technicians are highly qualified and are always ready to handle the HUGE AMOUNT of black dollar cleaning swiftly and perfectly with SSD SOLUTION. We have competent and reliable affiliate courier shipping companies available to make on-time swift discreet deliveries to customer’s desired locations. SSD CHEMICAL automatic is more effective and produces the best results compared to other black money cleaning chemicals in the market.

What is SSD chemical

SSD CHEMICAL as we have learned so far consists of chelating and surfactant agents. These include non-flammability, no offensive fumes during cleaning and zero health risks for technicians or customers handling them discreetly. HENCE, SSD CHEMICAL is biodegradable, making it easier to dispose of safely and in an environmentally-friendly manner without any hazardous consequences. Previously, the traditional downside of THE CHEMICAL has been their perceived lack of effectiveness at the quick removal of stains and dyes from defaced currencies without the mixture of mercury or activation powder. However, as earlier informed above, more recent formulations of SSD CHEMICAL are available due to constant innovation in chemistry. Moreover, when they are mixed in combination with the activation powder which acts as a catalyst, their effectiveness becomes similar to that of SSD SOLUTION AUTOMATIC.

The chemical for cleaning black money contains surfactants that help to loosen the hold that the dye or stain has on the defaced/marked currency. These currency cleaning chemicals are great at dissolving dyes and stains, which water or any chemical solution couldn’t typically can’t handle properly.