We are globally certified and known to clean defaced currencies (EUROS, POUNDS, DOLLARS, ETC) acquired through UNITED NATIONS, lottery award winning, security companies, loans, investment funds and next of kin with the latest automatic laser currency cleaning cum conversion machine which presently is considered as the best option in cleaning black money of huge amount. This automatic laser cleaning machine comes in 2 types. The Switzerland model and the Chinese generic model which both comes with a 5 years warranty and free service. Due to our years of experience and customer reviews, we recommend the above models for our customers. Both both are soundproof and very effective in black dollar cleaning they are very portable, built in a briefcase and could be swiftly and conveniently carried around without notice. They could clean an anti-breeze note of more than 10 years to 20 years perfectly without any stains, odor or damage to any single note. Besides, they both have the capacity to clean $10,000,000 on a daily basis. They are easy to use personally for customers who which to do discreet cleaning without technicians’ assistance because it comes with a detailed user manual guide and DVD plate for full instruction on how to operate the black money cleaning machine. Hence, we SALE and also RENT the automatic currency cleaning machine to all parts of the world for our esteemed customers who need them alongside with a qualified technician if the need be.

Black Dollars cleaning Machine